About Barriotransits

I’m a writer who has lived in East Harlem for the past five years. I came here from Texas, with a quick stop in Syracuse.  Since arriving to NYC nine years ago, I’ve lived in Park Slope, the East Village and Bushwick (East Williamsburg, according to developers and small town Midwestern hipsters), and while those places were great and dandy, I really love East Harlem — the grittiness,  the New Yawk attitude, and of course, its stubborness and refusal of not being washed out by gentrification.

East Harlem is going through a lot of transitions right now. This blog is meant to capture these experiences.


One response to “About Barriotransits

  1. Thank you for this information.
    I have lived in Spanish Harlem for 3yr’s now. As a caucasian male I know the sensitivity of the gentrification of the neighborhood. I also cherish Spanish Harlem for what it is.
    What you discuss in your blog exemplifies how money and real estate rule. All these underhanded politics are destroying a beautiful neighborhood by destroying the people who can’t afford it.
    Please continue bringing awareness to people like myself, who care but are blind.

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